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The straightforward way to grow an impressive upper body physique

Purchase the 8 week plan at checkout

A low cost program designed to help skinny and self-conscious men gain serious upper body muscle in a simple and engaging way.


Receive your helpful program roadmap

You will receive a link to your new personalised online dashboard that holds all of the tools you'll need to make a success of the program.


Meet me, Coach Ryan, on a video call

Meet me on a video call to discuss your specific goals, your exercise likes and dislikes and any other important information that will allow me to fully personalise your new fitness plan.

I will answer any questions you may have and you will leave feeling fired up and ready to start your new fitness journey!


Work with me and get the results you desire

Work with me to develop a shirt-fitting upper body and a much needed boost in body confidence!

It's time to Ignite the Spark for Fitness.

How it Works

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