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About Me

Ignite the Spark for Fitness



Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

I first started exercising for myself and it has completely lifted my mood, boosted my well-being and improved my physique.  I have worked in 2 highly respected gyms in Sydney and shadowed some of the best trainers in the industry! Through mentoring and extra study, I have developed great experience and knowledge in the area of muscle development. This is why after 5 years of working in the gym I decided to branch out and build up a clientele of my own. I started small, focusing on only 2 clients to begin with great success.  This is how Ignite the Spark Fitness was born!

I now have 20+ regular clients that continue to stay true to my 8 week program and renew time and time again - with many more joining each month. I take great pride and happiness out of watching clients become happier and more confident in their own skin. 

Get in touch today and find out how I can help you succeed in your muscle growth journey.


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