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8 Weeks to a Shirt-Filling Upper Body,
for Skinny Men

I help skinny men that are struggling with low self-esteem and a lack of consistency and direction in their training, grow 3 lbs of shirt-filling muscle and improved body confidence in 8 weeks


without uncertainty getting in the way of progress.

Personalized Training

The program is 100% adapted to your goals and needs & updated weekly.

Flexible and 100% Online

Workout whenever suits you best, at the gym or at home.

Cost Effective

Affordable transformation: build muscle, boost confidence!

"During our first assessment meeting, Ryan took to the time to understand my objectives and he put together a well thought-out training plan for the following 8 weeks. His attention to my fitness, before, during and after each session was very helpful. His expert guidance and enthusiastic motivation pushed me to my limit in each exercise and I loved every minute of the programme. I renewed for another 8 weeks straight away!”

Rahul Rana (Client of 6 Months)


Who's It For? 

I empower men facing an uphill battle with their upper body development and self-confidence, offering the clear direction and consistency needed for shirt-fitting gains.


Okay, so you're feeling lost in the world of muscle growth? I've got your back! Say goodbye to training inconsistency and hello to 3lbs of muscle growth in just 8 weeks.

Join me in this personalized journey where we'll tackle your gym consistency issues together.  This isn't just a generic fitness plan; it's your secret weapon against skipped workouts and missed gains.

What sets it apart? My dual-powered strategy!

I've fused intense gym workouts with convenient home routines. No more excuses, no more missed workouts – ever!

On the days when the gym seems like a distant dream, my home workouts keep you on track, ensuring your upper body transformation is unstoppable.

The unique selling point? My home workouts are not an add-on; they're an integral part of your journey. Bid farewell to inconsistency and embrace a new era of gains without compromise. Let's make those shirts fit tighter and your confidence soar!


Each customised program is suitable for:

  • Men that consider themselves skinny and are serious about growing upper body size.

  • Guys that have struggled, like me, to finish tasks in the past and want to focus on their upper body, for now, to keep things manageable.

  • Guys that struggle to stay consistent with training and frequently skip workouts.

  • For those that are ready to follow my expert 1-1 guidance and put the work in.

  • Men with no prior gym experience or some experience.

  • Guys that prefer to work with an coach online, rather than needing to meet face to face.

  • Men that are struggling with low self-esteem and body confidence.

If you're ready to fully commit to improving your physique, now is the time to get started! 

Why Should You Start Online Coaching With Me?

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